Renaissance Antique Dublin Ireland VERY LARGE DOUBLE FRAMED MIRROR

Very large double framed mirror that can be hung both landscape and portrait. This mirror looks well, is large but light looking and not as heavy looking or decorative as some of the other large ones.

Dimensions width 6 foot 3 inches height 4 foot 4 inches.

Price € 595

We have a large selection of mirrors from a small size to a large size including silver white and gold in overmantel feature or freestanding mirrors. Our gilt mirrors are hand made and with paper like gold leaf…. not painted…most are carved wood and with a mix of modern and antique 0866050900 We are in Blanchardstown in Dublin…If you put "Renaissance 2" into google maps it will show you where we are...You will have to call us first on 0866050900 as it is a warehouse that is not open all the time. We arrange a time for customers to come and look at items and normally try to meet one customer so they have our full attention. There is absolutely no pressure to buy, just come up and have a look. If you do not have google maps we can direct you or meet up with you around Blanchardstown 0866050900 Only 2 kilometers from Avoca Handweavers Dunboyne.