I hope all my customers so far are happy with what they have received. None of my customers are stuck with what they get and it is my policy to give a full refund if for any reason you are not happy with your purchase. Whether it is too big or small too purple or black or maybe too pink...no problem send it back for a full refund of the items price.


Refunds will be given within two weeks of purchase to allow a customer to have time with the item and make up their minds. Delivery and packing costs will not be refunded. We will try to accommodate customers after this period so long as its within a month and the refund will be at the discretion of Renaissance as at this stage taxes will be paid and accounts will become impossible to manage.


This refund policy is for Ireland only and we do not offer refunds to foreign customers for any reason


Goods will only be held on deposit for 2 weeks


Goods paid for in full will be held for 1 month unless a an arrangement has been made for a longer period


Viewing is by appointment as I am often in front of a computer, traveling to buy stock or wiring lights in different locations. I just need a call to arrange a time to meet up with you

Customers are welcome to come and have a look with no pressure to buy at all… you may just see something a friend is looking for. 086 60 50 900

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